The Mothman Prophecies - The Mothman Prophecies (2002)
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The Mothman Prophecies - The Mothman Prophecies (2002)

Drama , Horror , Mystery , Thriller |

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Bộ phim The Mothman Prophecies thuộc thể loại Drama , Horror , Mystery , Thriller. Nội dung phim: John Klein is involved in a car accident with his wife, but while he is unharmed, his wife mentions a moth shaped creature appearing. After her death, John begins to investigate the secrets behind this mentioned Mothman. It takes him to a small town of Point Pleasant, West Virginia, where he discovers a connection with the same problem. Here he meets Connie Mills, while he continues to unravel the mystery of what the Mothman really is. Written by simon Mon Mothma | Wookieepedia | FANDOM powered by , Chúc bạn xem phim vui vẻ tại PhimHotNhat.Net! Ủng hộ webshite bằng cách nhấn Like, Share nhé bạn!