Lake Placid 3 - Lake Placid 3 (2010)
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Lake Placid 3 - Lake Placid 3 (2010)

Action , Horror , Sci-Fi , Thriller |

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Bộ phim Lake Placid 3 thuộc thể loại Action , Horror , Sci-Fi , Thriller. Nội dung phim: A game warden moves his family to Lake Placid, once the site of deadly crocodile attacks. Locals assure him the crocs are gone, but his mischievous young son finds a few baby crocs and begins feeding them. They quickly grow into very big adults and start attacking the game warden's family and nearby town. Written by Anonymous Patoka Lake Athletic Conference - H, Lodges and Bed & Breakfasts | Devils Lake North , Area Hotels and Motels | Devils Lake North Dakota Tourism , :::TTDC - Places, Top 10 Places to Meet Girls in Ch, Coventry Township: The Heart of the Portage La, Casas En Salt Lake City, UT De Venta y Bienes Raíces - , Watauga Lake Sailing Club | A sailing club in Upper East , Garden -, Shadowlands Haunted Places Index - Michigan, Chúc bạn xem phim vui vẻ tại PhimHotNhat.Net! Ủng hộ webshite bằng cách nhấn Like, Share nhé bạn!